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Hello! We are the new Housing Apprentices - Ashley and Jordan - and we have been working at CHP for three weeks.

Our first two weeks were full of inductions and meetings with lots of different departments. We also visited Parkside Community Hub, where we met Franchesca who is one of the other apprentices (remember her from a previous blog?!). We also met our apprentice mentor for the first time, who will be there to support us throughout our apprenticeship. We will meet her monthly to discuss our progress, along with our other apprentice colleagues (there’s five of us in total).

Throughout our apprenticeship, we will be working with the Income, Housing Options and Quality of Life teams. We are based in the Income team at the moment and so far we have:

  • Been to Court to see how the legal proceedings work;
  • Visited residents to see if we are able to help them with their financial situation;
  • Attended an eviction.

We’ve also started to send out letters and make calls for the Income team, asking the residents to call back and arrange payments for work they have had done. It has been a lot to take in, but we have survived!

We have also visited a few residents’ homes (with the Housing Options team), where the tenancy has ended to establish what work is needed before it is let again. We visited one home that had a very nice bathroom and kitchen.

We also viewed some properties where the tenancy was due to end. The Housing Options team had to check the property to make sure the previous residents possessions had been removed so it is ready for the next person.

We have also been out with the Estate Rangers this week and helped with the safety checks they carried out. We also checked some communal areas to make sure they were clear of rubbish and obstacles as they could be a fire hazard.


We met with our college course tutor this week who explained more about our apprenticeship, the modules we will be taking and how we will be learning these. She also spoke to us about the support we will get during our learning to successfully achieve our qualification. We will be starting this at the end of October.

Next Monday, will be moving to the Housing Options team.

Ashley Taylor and Jordan Mears
Housing Apprentices.


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  1. Kay Friday, 6 October 2017 at 04:20 PM

    A great start to your apprenticeships and I'm impressed at how you have experienced a range of housing services so early on.

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