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Christmas Special

We’ve all been here at CHP for around four months now and its crazy to think that this time last year some of us were still at college. If you’ve been following us on our Apprentice journey, then I’m sure you’ll all know how much fun we’re having and how much we’re learning. In this week’s blog we are going to look back on 2017 and look at what we are most looking forward to in 2018.

Annabelle Gardiner - Communications Apprentice

I’ve only been here four months, but it feels like I’ve been here a lot longer! I have managed to do so much in such a short amount of time and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’d say the thing I have enjoyed the most this year has been developing my design skills. It’s something I’ve always loved doing and I can feel myself improving which is really exciting.

The biggest and most memorable piece of work I have done this year is probably the online advent calendar, because there were so many different things I had to think about. I’m really proud of it, it took a long time to complete but it was worth it.

I’m interested to see what 2018 has in store for me. I’m looking forward to exploring more areas of the Communications team and having the chance to work with different people.

Ashley Taylor – Housing Apprentice

Since starting my apprenticeship, I have really enjoyed learning again. Going into a new career has made me start to use my brain and it has challenged my way of thinking. I have really enjoyed going out with different teams and learning how the company operates.

My most memorable job was going to court for rent arrears. It was really interesting to see the process involved in taking someone to court and the methods we offer to help people manage their finances and avoid eviction.

I am really looking forward to see what 2018 holds! So far, I have been in Income and Housing Option teams. Sometime in the next year I will be moving to Quality of Life which I’m really looking forward to… roll on 2018!

Franchesca Brampton - Community Hub Administrator Apprentice

So far this year I have enjoyed meeting a some of our residents and helping them with any queries they have which has enabled me to experience and overcome new challenges each day.

Due to the Hub being front facing and lots of people coming through its doors we take pride in its appearance. We like to decorate the Hub throughout the year and of course, this means at Christmas we have to put festive decorations up. Recently I decorated the Hub whilst listening to Christmas songs, it was great fun!

For 2018 I am most looking forward to delivering some of my projects I started this year, I have spent a lot of time planning these so I’m excited to carry them out.  

Jordan Mears - Housing Apprentice

Since the start of my apprenticeship I have enjoyed starting a new job and trying something that is completely different. I’m also learning about a subject that I originally had next to no knowledge in.

The most memorable job for me was attending an eviction (where for safety reasons you have to wear a stab-proof vest). The carpenter was late so we couldn’t gain access to the property so Ashley and I walked into a little corner shop across the road while we waited, forgetting that we were still wearing our vests… The owner gave us a little bit of a weird look!

I’m really looking forward to spending time in other departments and experiencing and learning what it is they do. I’m also looking forward to getting to know the people in these teams and find out what it is they love most about what they do.

Luke Beasley - Communications Apprentice

My time with CHP in 2017 has been everything I wanted it to be and I am positive that I will continue to enjoy my time throughout 2018. I have really enjoyed posting content on social media from a business perspective. This was a challenge at first because the posts for CHP are very different to the style of posts I upload onto my personal account where a few selfies are posted here and there...

One memorable job for me was setting up the staff BBQ back in October, this was a great day and it was lovely to meet lots of people from across the business. It was also a great opportunity to put some faces to names.

In the new year I am most looking forward to having a new and complete team! I am particularly looking forward to organising events, this has been great fun this year and with a larger team we will be able to do more.

Kay Caldwell – Director of Housing

CHP has successfully operated trades-based apprenticeships for a number of years with many individuals securing jobs with us at the end of their training.  When we decided to build on this success by introducing housing, communications and business apprentices in April this year, my hope was to attract bright, talented, enthusiastic young people who would be keen to learn and bring a fresh perspective to CHP and the services we offer. Annabelle, Ashley, Franchesca, Jordan and Luke have completely exceeded my hopes and expectations by making a huge positive impact since joining us. They are rising stars and I look forward to tracking their future successes and achievements as their respective careers develop.       


From all of the #CHPapprentice bloggers we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope you’ve enjoyed our 'Christmas Special'.


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