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Forget Piers Morgan's life stories, it's all about Franchesca's stories

Hello everyone!

This week I had the opportunity to talk to the Tenancy Services team leader. This was a task set by my apprentice mentor and it was extremely interesting to find out more about his role.

Tenancy services is part of the Quality of Life team. The main focus of the team is to support, educate and help residents maintain their tenancies. They do this by teaching them how to be good neighbours, resolve antisocial behaviour issues and highlight what could cause them to breach their tenancy. But what I didn’t expect to find out was that Tenancy Services team work closely with the Police… this was very interesting because it didn’t cross my mind that they would need to work together due to their completely different roles.

Their roles are very varied and as a team they have some great stories to share! One of them was about when they were attending a Police raid; a staff member saw something fly out of the window. What they found was two packets of cannabis lying on the ground. They immediately took it to the Police station, but little did they know they had driven with thousands of pounds of cannabis sitting on their dashboard!

The Tenancy Services team leader has worked at CHP for 12 years, so it is clear that he loves his job. He said: “There is always good morale in the office and everyone has a good sense of humour, which is needed to carry out this job!”

During our interview, it was great to learn more about him… I discovered he has a phobia of spiders and anything that stings. I also found out that his colleagues have given him the nickname of ‘pharmacy’ due to one of his drawers just containing medicine!

It was great getting to know one of my colleagues and to find out a little bit more about the Quality of Life department.

Franchesca Brampton

Community Hub Business Apprentice



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