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Getting to know our residents

As I get to know more about CHP I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in lots of new projects.

Annabelle and I have been involved in a recent resident engagement workshop. The purpose of this is to identify how residents interact with us and how this could be different in the future. We hadn’t been involved with residents like this before so we were looking forward to it.

We began by talking to the Community Hub manager to discuss what we would want to include in the meeting.  We put together an agenda and tried to make the workshop as interactive as possible. To do this we used icebreakers and interactive games in the hope of capturing the attention of the residents. The workshop was a success and we discussed many issues which we will look to address via an action plan in the next workshop.

Some positives that came out of doing this workshop was that Annabelle and I learnt a lot more about our residents and their opinions. By talking to them, we were able to understand what they felt could change. But they also wanted to hear our thoughts and opinions and we really enjoyed getting involved.

Amongst the residents was a boy our age and we were able to highlight one negative, the fact that not many young residents get involved in CHP and we discussed ways we could change that.

We are looking forward to seeing these changes take place and we will keep you posted through future blog articles.

Franchesca Brampton

Community Hub Business Apprentice


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