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New Year special

First of all we would like wish all of you a Happy New Year, we hope you had a great Christmas and we hope you’re not feeling too guilty about the amount you ate! In this blog we will be telling you about our memories of last year what we are looking forward to in 2018.


Adrian Astbury – Electrician Apprentice


2017 has been an insightful year for me being on the repairs team. Having lots of different jobs each day, like spending time on kitchen and bathroom upgrades and electrically testing properties, has really broadened my knowledge and understanding.


A memorable job last year was when we had to fit a new oil based heater in a property. It was memorable because we were surprised to see all the bricks and a panel cover neatly put near the vans parking spot when we arrived... The hardest part of the job had been done for us!


In 2018 I’ll be testing the CHP blocks and taking part in lighting upgrades in our residential homes where the old lights are failing. There has been many welcoming and thankful people at the properties we have worked at in the last year, I’m looking forward to see how this year turns out.


Billy Jones- Electrician Apprentice


In 2017 I spent the majority of my year electrically testing and checking the communal blocks, and if you remember from my last blog it’s something that I have really enjoyed doing. I am now going to move on and help my colleagues with a lighting upgrade. This, along with the other work I have been doing, has really helped me understand what I have been learning at college. 


This year will be a big year for me as I am entering my last year of attending college. After that I then begin the final part of my qualification which is completing my portfolio. Very exciting!


Ronnie Greig-Manser – Carpenter Apprentice


Last year I really enjoyed challenging myself. One of the things I challenged myself on has been how long it has taken me to complete a task. For example, on internal door hanging, my personal best is an hour and a half and I will try to improve on that next time I hang one. Keeping the same high standard of course! Doing this has helped me to improve my work, and helped me be more efficient.


One of the most memorable jobs of last year was finding a rat in one of the building we were working on. We had to leave the building and call a company to clear it, not something you deal with every day! In 2018 CHP are due to make some changes as a company. I am looking forward to see how beneficial these changes will be, and to see how CHP grow as a company.


Sophie Duggan – Plumber Apprentice


I have been doing lots of different jobs in the last year, I feel like I have come such a long way since I first started. I have really enjoyed working with my colleagues which has given me a chance to learn and further develop my skills.

One of the highlights for me was a job I carried out in Clacton-on-Sea while working on an immersion tank. We had to wait for the tank to empty before we could work on it, seeing the water flow out of the pipes was really satisfying. It may not have been the most exciting job but I ended up learning a new skill, which is why it’s a highlight for me.

I have learnt so much in the last year, I’m looking forward to learning even more this year. However one thing I am particularly looking forward to this year is the summer, as I’m not a fan of winter!


On behalf of CHP, we would all like to wish you all the best for the year ahead!



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