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Sophie's Week @CHP

Over the last few months it’s been really interesting learning my trade (and that is becoming a plumber). I often find myself thinking back to when I first started, and if someone told me that after a few months I’d be changing an immersion tank, baths and sinks I would have laughed… but I’ve been doing all three with my colleague Terry.

In fact, this week I have changed a set of Monobloc sink taps. I know to some people that will make no sense… but they have a single spout and the water is controlled by either one or two handles. I really enjoyed doing this and the residents were lovely. Jobs like this are what make my job enjoyable, it’s very rewarding leaving their home and knowing they are happy with my work.

I have also been sent to a job where patience was the key to success. After many hours of manoeuvring the bath back and forward in a home, we finally managed to get the perfect fit. This was extremely rewarding and the resident was very happy with our work which made the struggle worth it’s while.

The highlight for me was a job in carried out in Clacton-on-Sea a few weeks ago.  This is where I watched water trickle out of pipes whilst I waited for the immersion tank to empty before we could start out work. Not the most enjoyable time! But really satisfying, as I now know yet another skill.

I’m already looking forwards to the summertime as I don’t really like the cold weather and long nights, but I’m looking forwards to Christmas.

Sophie Duggan
Apprentice Plumber


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