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The 25th #CHPapprentice Blog

This week it’s the 25th edition of the #CHPaprentice blog. To highlight this milestone, we want to take you on a journey through some of our #CHPapprentice blogs, picking out key events along the way.

Luke and Annabelle have both enjoyed tackling and overcoming challenges thrown at them, one of their first challenges was the staff BBQ back in the summer. They had to make a frantic trip over to the supermarket to replenish the supplies. This was quite a challenge with what seemed like the whole of Chelmsford doing their weekly shop at the same time! However, this was a great lesson for the Comms duo, because in the next few months they have lots of corporate events to work on. From this one event, they experienced what it was like to work under pressure during an event. These skills will be utilised in the coming months.

Franchesca, our business admin apprentice over at Parkside Community Hub has also enjoyed tackling challenges in her role. One of the main challenges has been answering the phone. When Franchesca first started, she was extremely nervous about answering the reception phone as it was totally new to her.  However, six months on this is something she does on a daily basis with no trouble at all. In fact, over the last few weeks Franchesca has received a large number of phone calls regarding ICT courses being held at the Hub. Her confidence on the phone and in person has gone from strength to strength and this has been noticeable across the organisation.

Jordan and Ashley, our Housing apprentices, have been moving between departments meaning they regularly have to adapt to different teams and tasks. One challenge they both had to overcome was speaking to residents over the phone and arranging payments for work they had done. Prior to this, they listened in to phone calls made by their colleagues to give them an insight into what to expect. However, when it was their turn to make the phone call they found themselves going blank. To overcome this problem, they now make notes they can refer to during the call. This is a great technique and something they both continue to use.

All of our apprentices are tackling their own challenges in different ways. This is even more so with our trade apprentices who work in a wide ranging environment.

This is different from our office based apprentices because, although their work may vary, their working environment is always the same. Sophie, our plumbing apprentice has been amazed with her progress so far and can’t believe how much she has progressed since the start. Sophie often thinks back to the start of her apprenticeship and some of the tasks she carries out now she would never have dreamed of doing at the start. Struggling to change immersion tanks, baths and sinks is now a thing from the past and is something she and her colleagues regularly do.

For all of our apprentices it has been a busy few months and this is set to continue throughout 2018.

Every Friday afternoon, we will share an update about apprentices, stay tuned.


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