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  1. Are rent free weeks included in Direct Debit payments?

    Yes, all of our tenants who are charged on a weekly basis, get rent free weeks regardless of how their rent is paid. We will collect your Direct Debit over twelve instalments per year. Each calendar month, we will collect for weeks rent plus a contribution to any arrears. This makes a total collection of 48 weeks rent in the year.

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  2. Can I rent one of your properties?

    The majority of our new rented homes are allocated to applicants nominated to us by local authorities from their housing waiting lists. If you wish to be considered for any of our new properties you should contact the local authority. They will be able to tell you how to register for affordable housing. CHP do hold a waiting list for some properties. These are properties that have been advertised previously via the local authority but there were no suitable applicants. These Immediately Available Homes are mostly homes for people aged over 50 years and are not suitable for young children. These properties are displayed on our website. To apply for an Immediately Available Home you should complete the Immediately available home application [pdf] 1MB.

    CHP own a limited amount of properties for market rent and discounted rent (intermediate market rent). Our market rent properties are advertised on the open market at current market values. Discounted rented properties have a subsidised rent of 80% of current market values and available through the Help to Buy website. Applicants must be registered and approved by Help to Buy prior to being offered a viewing (see the Buying and Selling section for more details). Both market rent and discounted rent applicants are required to undergo a full tenant reference check (including a credit check) and pay a deposit. 



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  3. Can someone look at damp in my property?

    Yes, please call us on 0300 555 0500 and an advisor will discuss.

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  4. Do you carry out quality checks on repairs?

    We will select (at random) a number of properties to visit both during and after the work to make sure it has been completed to the required standard. If it has not, we will instruct whoever carried out the work to put it right within a reasonable timescale.

    Your opinion helps us make improvements to our services and we will ask you to complete a questionnaire on how the work was carried out.

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  5. How can I reduce condensation in my home?

    Condensation will appear in your home if there is too much moist air caused by everyday activities such as cooking, washing and bathing. We all want to keep our homes as warm as possible but it is important to ventilate your home to help control condensation. You can minimise the moisture in your home by following these simple steps:

    • If you have trickle vents above your windows, keep them open all the time;
    • Do not block air vents;
    • Do not put furniture or other items right up against your walls – this helps air circulate and stops mould growing.
    • Open the window slightly for half an hour after bathing to get rid of the moist air;
    • Use an extractor fan in the bathroom when you have a bath or shower and in the kitchen when cooking. Extractor fans are cheap to run and use less energy than a standard light bulb;
    • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors shut to stop moisture moving to other areas of your home;
    • Try not to dry clothes inside. If you have to, open the window and shut the door of the room where the clothes are drying;
    • If you use a tumble dryer make sure it has a vent to outside;
    • Avoid using portable gas and paraffin heaters as these fuels give off moisture when they burn. If you have to use these open a window in the room the heater is in – a window should always be open for safety reasons;
    • Cover cooking pans with lids – as well as saving on your gas or electricity bill it will reduce the amount of moisture;
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  6. How can I request a repair?

    You can report a repair by:

    • Completing the form online - for non-urgent repairs only;
    • Email: (non-urgent only).

    When you report a repair we will need you to :

    • Give us your name and address;
    • Tell us if you have called before about the same problem;
    • Explain what the problem is, whether any other properties are affected and what checks you have made;
    • Tell us when we can gain access to your home;
    • Provide a contact telephone number.
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  7. How do I apply for a transfer?

    This answer applies to tenants only (not leaseholders)

    Tenants can apply to transfer to another CHP property. Most properties available for transfering tenants are situated in the Chelmsford area. These properties are advertised on the Homeoption choice based lettings website and allocated according to the Allocations and Lettings policy [pdf].To register you will need to complete and submit the housing transfer form online. Alternatively, complete and return the Housing_transfer_form[pdf] 487KB. The information you provide will allow us to apply an appropriate priority (called banding) and size of property you would be eligible for.


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  8. How do I claim Universal Credit?

    Please visit the Benefits and debt advice section

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  9. How do I find details of properties that are available immediately?

    For details on available properties, please visit our find a property section. 

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  10. How do I find out if I am eligible for mutual exchange?

    This answer applies to tenants only (not leaseholders).

    If you hold an Assured, Protected Assured or Fixed Term tenancy you can register for a Mutual Exchange. This is when you exchange your home with another CHP tenant, another housing association tenant, or council tenant. Please note – all households participating in a Mutual Exchange must hold an Assured, Protected Assured or Fixed Term tenancy. To register you must complete and submit the Mutual exchange form - online. Alternatively, complete and return the Mutual exchange application form [pdf] 1MB. You cannot exchange your tenancy / property unless you have received consent from your landlord, please refer to the Mutual exchange [pdf] 2MB.

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